Preston Centris NT 520

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The Centris NT reels have been in development for over 2 years to create the ultimate reel for today’s match anglers. The finest grade materials have been used in the construction of the reels to aid longevity including a Titanium Carbon rotor, Titanium shaft and full aluminium body.

Designed around a compact body with Powerdrive, a super slow oscillation worm shaft which delivers superb winding power for the size of the reel. The gear ratio has been set at 5.0:1 to again enhance the winding power, making the Centris NTreels suitable for all types of fishing through to rigorous feeder fishing styles.

One of the stand out features is the NiTi bail arm, this exceptionally strong material can be bent but will return to its original shape meaning no more bent bail arms when storing rods ready made in holdalls. The micro adjustable front drag is incredibly smooth thanks to the multi washers and there is a push button located on the front to allow you to change spools at the push of a button.

Two line clips are supplied on each spool as standard, making fishing two lines a lot easier.

Each reel is supplied with a full spec Aluminium spare spool, a double and single reel handle for improved versatility.

The Centris NT 320 is perfect for short feeder chucks and most waggler work on both natural and commercial venues. The small compact size makes it ideal for pellet waggler fishing which requires regular casting.
The Centris NT 420 is the perfect reel choice for short to medium distance fishing. The Centris 420 is ideal for both feeder and longer distance waggler fishing.
The Centris NT 520 is ideal for long distance . The larger spool size and bigger Aluminium body makes it perfect for casting longer distances. The retrieve rate on the Centris 520 is phenomenal, making it ideal for long distance feeder anglers.


  • CNC machined aluminium die-casting body and side cover
  • Titanium carbon rotor and arm lever
  • NiTi bail wire
  • Alu forged fully machined spool
  • Quick release push button spool
  • Rotor brake system
  • Long worm shaft oscilation
  • Super slow oscilation

Gear Ratio Gewicht Bearings Capaciteit Inhaalsnelheid
Centris NT 320 5.0 : 1 312 g 7 0.23 mm / 150m 75 cm
Centris NT 420 5.0 : 1 325 g 7 0.26 mm / 150m 85 cm
Centris NT 520 5.0 : 1 337 g 7 0.28 mm / 150m 95 cm

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