Preston Supera 12' 6" Feeder 50gr (375cm)

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Preston - Supera
375 cm

The Carbonactive Supera rod range is the ultimate all round rod range, designed to be used for all types of fishing from natural venues through to commercials. The Carbonactive blank on each model bends seamlessly giving a great fish playing action while retaining superb casting ability.

All of the Supera range feature a flat handle base, which improves the rods fish playing action and ease of winding in. You'll also notice the built up area at the base on the rod. This area has been deisgned for gripping when casting.

Each of the feeder rods in the Supera range are supplied with 3 colour coded varying strength carbon quivertips.

The 12' 6" Supera is a true distance feeder rod that has lots of uses on a wide range of venues. It's the perfect rod for long method feeder chucks and great for open water bream fishing. The soft tip action gives you the ability to land small fish, but the power in the bottom half of the rod gives you the power needed to cast long distances.


  • Full Length - 10' - 3.00m
  • Handle - Cork & EVA
  • Tip Material - Carbon
  • Casting Weight - 30g

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